Friday, March 28, 2003

I honestly don't know where two weeks goes when I look at this and see it hasn't been updated. I must discipline myself better. But anyway, here is a BRAND NEW poem, I just wrote this morning.

Untitled (because I haven't thought of one yet, but "Yay! A Poem" was suggested)

My eyes have only seen you
through the thick, tangled trees of reason;
cold rationality perpetuating a sort of
distant closeness; friendliness without fear that
something lurks in the tangled stickerbushes --
a passionate otherness previously blocked from
thought amongst friends during business hours.

The night I remember meeting you,
bright eyes pierced through my walls from
behind a radiant, drunken smile I’d never seen.
I remember secretly hoping I was the cause,
the catalyst for such devilish gleam and grin.
Not really knowing the person behind it,
I kept my first impressions repressed,
locked inside a music box with songs unheard.

I can still see every scene from last night,
undistorted through the lens of drinking glasses.
I view myself less restrained, though I have
far too many inhibitions than I can drink away
physically. I blurted out suppressed truths,
tossed you compliments, unsure of my intent.
Shocked by my seemingly random candor,
you took it quite well. It was by far our longest talk.
I wonder if you will remember it in the morning.