Thursday, May 01, 2003

People, Props, Extras

I find it amazing how there are all these people surrounding us every day, whom we will never get to know, or care to know, but yet they all exist. Endlessly circling our own orbits with theirs; maybe even touching the lives of those we actually know to exist. It’s almost as if they were all just extras. After all, how many people can we honestly get to know and care about? I mean, half the time, we aren’t even in touch with our own feelings, how can we care about anyone else? Especially, those two-dimensional extras that pop up everywhere we go.

And isn’t it a strange event to witness when an extra morphs into a main character with a speaking role? All of a sudden, this black-and-white, silent cardboard cutout comes to life. All of a sudden, you realize that this is a person, just like you, but different. A person with feelings, just like you. And it blows your mind, because you’ve never thought about it. I mean, they always seemed barely there -- no color, no emotions. Then...blammo! One day you wake up and they are now real...and starring in your movie.